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Mahjong Set in Red Chinese Painted Case

Mahjong Set in  Red Chinese Painted Case
Mahjong Set in 4-Drawer Red Painted Case with Tiles Mahjong Set in 4-Drawer Red Painted Case Top View Mahjong Set in 4-Drawer Red Painted Case Side Mahjong Set in 4-Drawer Red Painted Case Slide open Mahjong Set in 4-Drawers Red Painted Case
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Item No: MJ-4R
Item Name: MahJong Set with Deluxe Red Painted 4 Drawer Case

English Referenced Tiles and Instruction Manual

Style: Classical Chinese 1890's

Condition: New

This Mahjong set completes with custom designed Red leather hand made case includes 136 resin tiles and two sets of 'Flower Cards'. Each set consists of four 'cards' respectively and four blank tiles in case you lose a tile. The faces of each tile are engraved with designs in colour. There are 34 kinds of tiles, and four of each kind makes a set. There is a number etched on each tile for easy reference for non-Chinese readers, making this game playable by ANYONE. The set also includes the Chips, Mingg and Wind Discs, and of to complete the collection - the deluxe carry case...

The Deluxe Carry Case
This is a reproduction of a classical Chinese Mahjong case. This beautiful piece is made of wood and leather, using an old traditional Chinese technique, the leather is wrapped around the wood and bound tightly so that the skin is smooth and perfectly formed to the piece with elegant handles complete the exterior. Inside the case is lined with aged Chinese paper adding to the authenticity and feel of the product.

The front and the side of the case are painted with beautiful and traditional Chinese paintings of Dragonflies flying beyond flowers and birds. In Chinese culture, these represent luck and happiness. The case has been treated to help preserve the paintings and the exterior.

It embraces the artistry and craftsmanship of the finest traditional Chinese art

What's Special?
  • This item is 100% HAND MADE and HAND PAINTED
  • English references on tiles and instructions included!
  • Four Drawers / Trays for each player
  • The front of the Case has gold paintings of Dragonflies among flowers
  • Inside the case is lined with decorative aged paper featuring Chinese characters, adding to the feel and authenticity of the product.
  • Gold paintings of Dragonflies and Birds signify Good Fortune and Happiness in Chinese Culture
Case Size - 28 (w) x 22 (d) x 17 (h) cm
Tile size: 2.78 (w) x 3.55 (h) x 1.9 (d) cm
Gross Weight : 6.8 Kg
Total Tile Weight: Appr 4.4 Kg