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Buying Information

Visiting our Showroom

1. Opening Hours and Address
Mon-Fri:  10:00am - 5:00 pm ; Sat-Sun / Public Holidays: Flexible hours, call for appointment
Address: 75 Jellicoe Street, Lidcombe, NSW 2141

We welcome customers to make appointments for visiting us during weekend. Contact us on (02) 9648 0033 ( diverted to mobile phone on weekend).

2. Furniture Piece Availability
We update categories, photos, price and quantity as frequent as possible. You can use information on our website to make your initial contacts.
  • Item shown [ Out of Stock ] :- Please contact us for product availability
Please contact us if you are keen on a particular item, As an unique pieces could be sold anytime after last website update.

3. Images and Actual Items

Due to the nature of our unique pieces of collection, Features of most of our items are not be able fully presented only by a few images from our website. e.g. Quality, Touch Feel, Lighting effects. For furniture, we recommend you to view the item in our showroom before making decision. Usually the actual pieces are much better than images shown on the internet.

For Re-production handmade items, the actual items will be very similar to the image shown but may have minor difference.

4. Antique or Re-production
Our collections are mixed with original pieces and re-production. We are able to provide Certificate of Antiquity on certain pieces. Generally, for Reproduction pieces, they are made from Antique Timber.
If you are unable to find information on item description for a particular piece, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Buying Online Direct from Our Website

Recommend for Gifts, parcels up to 50kg each

1. Process in use our Website Shopping Cart
Step 1 :- Register your billing address and delivery address Step 2 :- Select the items on our website to your shopping cart Step 3 :- Proceed to Checkout after complete items selection Step 4 :- Make payment using one of payment methods below
2. Searching our Online Shop
  • Browse over Product Categories
  • Use Search Function or Advanced Search Function

You can search on Item # ; Product Name; Colour, e.g. Red Cabinet, White Chest, etc.

3. Weight or Shipping Weight on Item Description

Weight : - Means the net weight (dead weight) of the item excluding any packaging

Shipping Weight: The rate we use for calculation of shipping cost only, also called Cubic Weight

Our Shipping Weight is different from common courier Cubic Weight, The Shipping weight has absorbed Cubic Factor, Packing Weight, Handling and Insurance. Courier or Australia Post usually charge base on both Actual weight and Cubic Weight , whichever is greater.

Shipping Charges & Delivery

1. Australia Shipping Cost for Small to Medium Parcel

Upto  500g :- Standard  $8.95     Express: $ 11.95

Upto  1 kg :-  Standard  $12.20    Express: $ 15.70

Upto  3 kg :-  Standard  $15.35    Express: $ 19.35

Upto  5 kg :-  Standard  $18.50    Express: $ 25.50

For Parcel over 5 kg -100 kg, Postage will be  Standard  $18.50   Express: $ 25.50  Plus  Additional Weight Distance Charges over 5 Kg

  Shipping Weight between 5- 100 kg :- $18.50 + Shipping rate X shipping weight over 5kg
  e.g. Parcel with 10 kg Standard Shipping Weight to Adelaide, South Australia
Shipping Cost = $18.50 + $1.80 X 5 = $ 27.50 (including packing & insurance)
Shipping Weight shown as "999" :- Contact us for Freight Quotation

Item Weight shown "999" kg on product page of our website means unable to provide instant shipping cost estimation as regular parcel or calculation inaccurate. It may require special packing or quotation from furniture remover.

Please provide us with intended delivery address including postcode for quotation.

2. What is the charge rate on shipping ?

For regular parcels above 5kg, up to 100 kg each, We charge base $18.50 plus pre-defined shipping weight per kg over 5 Kg within Australia. Shipping weight is not the actual weight of the parcel. Cubic weight, parcel dimension used by Common Courier is not applicable to our website ordering.

State Metro Per Kg ETA Regional Per Kg ETA
NSW Sydney $0.10 1 day NSW Regional $1.60 1-2 days
VIC Melbourne $1.40 2 days VIC Regional $1.90 2-3 days
QLD Brisbane $1.40 2 days QLD Regional $2.4-$4.05 3-5 days
SA Adelaide $1.80 3 days SA Regional $3.20 3-4 days
WA Perth $3.75 4 days WA Regional $6.90 4-5 days
- Tasmania $3.00 4 days NT Territory $6.85 4-6 days


State Metro $/Kg ETA Express Regional $/ Kg ETA Express
NSW Sydney $0.10 1 day $0.10 NSW Outer $1.60 1-2 days $3.25
VIC Melbourne $1.40 2 days $5.70 VIC Outer $1.90 2-3 days $7.35
QLD Brisbane $1.40 2 days $5.90 QLD Outer $2.4-$4.1 3-5 days $7.9-$16
SA Adelaide $1.80 3 days $7.75  SA Outer $3.20 3-4 days $9.80
WA Perth $3.75 4 days $14.10 WA Outer $6.90 4-5 days $18-26
- Tasmania $3.00 4 days $5.70     N T $6.85 4-6 days $17.15

Shipping Charges are including Handling and Insurance. Check your Zone by Postcode

For International Freight Please send us inquiry for quotation

3. Delivery Address

We use Australia Post or Contracted Courier to delivery your items. Usually single small parcels (under 50 kg) will be delivered by Australia Post, Multiple or large parcel will be delivered by Contracted Courier.

If the address is unattended at the time of delivery, you will receive a Pickup Notification which you can collect from the nearest post office or contact contracted courier. For multiple large parcels , we recommend you to provide us with day time business address while PO Box is undeliverable.

For security reason, we do not deliver to PO Box if payment is make by credit card over the phone or email.

Payment Methods

We accept:
  • Cash / Eftpos / Visa / Mastercard on Pickup
  • Bank Account Direct Deposit
  • Mail Payment - Cheque / Money Orders
  • Visa / Mastercard over the phone on 02 9648 0033
  • PayPal at order checkout
  • Paypal for Mobiel App
  • QR Code


Western Union Transfer, Money Gram; Credit Card Payment subject to security check.

Other Questions

Orders from outside Australia

  • Buyer from New Zealand can make payment through bank account direct deposit
  • Buyer from Europe, US, Canada, UK and NZ and rest of the world can pay through Paypal
  • Overseas Order with Insurance option on Shipping.