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Beige Rattan Top Bedside Table

Beige Rattan Top Bedside Table
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Item No: 85-01-W

Item Name: Beige Rattan Top Bedside Table

Dimension : 50 (w) x 40 (d) x 65 (h) cm

Condition: New

This charming Beige Lacquer Rattan Inlay Reproduction Bedside Table/Side Table is made from Aged timber (typically Old Elm) and made to our exact specifications.

The Hardwood Timber used comes from the Central Provinces of China, typically from ancient buildings that are torn down (usually 90-150 years old) - Our restoration team scour the country for the finest antique wood, so that we can bring this high quality piece to you!

Our Antique restoration division creates this wonderful piece for us, using the SAME TECHNIQUES as would have been used for creation of the original - meaning PROFESSIONAL CARPENTRY & JOINERY is used - You will not find nails of glue, unlike many cheaper reproductions on the market.

We also ensure that each piece has been properly dried in a professional Dry Room to ensure adaptability to the Australian environment (Many importers of reproductions and antiques do NOT do this - and the products begin to crack and split within months)

Typically each cabinet is painted and lacquered at least 10 times, producing the world famous finish that Original Chinese antiques are so praised for. This approach is unique to Admiralty Antiques, and means our quality is unsurpassed in Australia by any of our competitors. When you compare our piece to others, you will see and FEEL the difference.

This piece has gloss finish a gorgeous natural wood trim Highlight.

It would make a charming Bedside Cabinet, Bathroom cabinet , Mini Bookcase or even Side Table for your favourite sofa.

It embraces the artistry and craftsmanship of the finest traditional art.