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The Last Samurai Sword Set Miniature

The Last Samurai Sword Set Miniature
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The Last Samurai  Katana Sword Set of 5 With Stands

*** Miniature Set ***

Item No: Sam-025Mini

Item Name: Japanese the Last Samurai Sword Set of 5 With Wood Stand Miniature

You are  viewing a set of 5 beautiful and elegant Last Samurai Movie Collectible Katana Swords with display stand.

This epic sword features a very thick, hand forged blade with Japanese Kanji engraving which roughly translates into "Since ancient days, God is with the true Patriot". Take this translation with a grain of salt, as some might argue it means "History to have God dedicate loyalty" or more loosely "Remain loyal to history for God".


  • The blade of the sword is high quality carbon steel with the traditional hamon and curved blade.
  • The blade is not sharpen  with engravings on the blade
  • The scabbard throat fitting is a scene of samurai in the forest cast into the steel.
  • The guard is  done in antique look metal.
  • The handle of the sword  is made of wood, cord wrapped for exceptional handling.
  • Each The scabbard of the sword is pure wood with carving of  2-3  Japanese characters

5 Swords Meanings

  • Samurai Spirit
  • Battle
  • Honour
  • Polite Courtesy, Compassion, Complete Sincerity
  • Duty Loyalty, Heroic Courage, Justice Morality


  • Each Sword Length with scabbard: - 45 cm
  • Blade Length:  29 cm
  • Handle Length: 13 cm
  • Each Sword Weight: 260g
  • Wood Stand  Height: 39 cm  ;  Width: 23 cm
  • Wood Stand Weight:  300 g


  • Gross Weight:  approximate 2 kg
  • Box Dimension:  49 x 27 x 9 cm