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Smoky Grey Console Table

Smoky Grey Console Table
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Item No: 35-034
Item Name: Smoky Grey Lacquer 5 Drawer Side Table
Dimension : 95cm (w) x 81(h) x 29cm (d)
This charming Smoky Lacquer Reproduction Side Table / Desk is made from Aged timber (typically Old Elm) and made to our exact specifications. The Hardwood Timber used comes from the Central Provinces of China, typically from ancient buildings that are torn down (usually 90-150 years old)
What's Special?
  • Supreme Quality
  • Reproduction made from antique timber by our Antique Restoration team Professional Carpentry (joinery) no nails, no glue.
  • 100% Hand Made by skilled craftsmen
  • Quality construction and lacquered finish that is unsurpassed in Australia.
  • Created with ancient traditional Chinese methods - not factory made.
  • It is very practical piece and perfect for interior decoration purposes.