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Red Chess Set in Oriental Painted Case

Red Chess Set in Oriental Painted Case
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Item No: CH-L02R

Item Name: Chess Set in Oriental Style Red Painted Case

Dimension : 41 (w) x 11 (d) x 21 (h) cm

Board Dimension: 39.5 x 39.5 cm

Square Size: 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Weight : 4.8 Kg

This Brand New Chess set, complete with custom designed Oriental figurines includes chess pieces in Red and ivory colouring. Each set consists of the standard pieces like pawns, bishops, queens and kings. The pieces are well designed and have a unique flavour to them. They come complete with board, all inside the deluxe carry case.

This is a reproduction of a classical Chinese suitcase. This beautiful piece is made of wood and faux leather, using an old traditional Chinese technique, the leather is wrapped around the wood and bound tightly so that the skin is smooth and perfectly formed to the piece. Brassy fittings adorn the corners, and elegant handles complete the exterior. Inside the case opens up to reveal the board, the pieces fit into individual slots underneath the board making it a complete all-in-one unit.

The Board itself also has gold Dragons and Phoenix on it, really completing the Oriental feel! The lid of the case is painted with beautiful and traditional Chinese paintings of a Dragon and Phoenix flying on one side, the other has peacocks. In Chinese culture, these represent Strength and happiness, and beauty. The case has been treated to help preserve the paintings and the exterior.

What's Special?

* This item is 100% HAND MADE and HAND PAINTED.

* Standard Chess Game with an Oriental Flavour!

* Both sides of the Case have gold paintings of Dragons, Phoenix, and peacocks.

* The board has Dragon and Phoenix also imprinted, giving it even more of a unique feel.

* Gold paintings of Dragons and Phoenix signify Good Fortune and Happiness in Chinese Culture.