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Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside

Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside
Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside Open Door Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside Top View Chinese Blue Floral Painted Bedside Open Drawer
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Item No: BC-M12U-FL

Item Name: Blue One Drawer Two Doors Bedside Table
STYLE: Classical Chinese 1800-1890's
Condition: New
Dimension : 46 (w) x 31 (d) x 62 (h) cm
Inner Compartment Dimension: 38 (w) x 29 (d) x 30 (h) cm
Inner Drawer Dimension: 35 (w) x 28 (d) x 9.5 (h) cm
Weight : 14 Kg
This Brand New Blue Bedside Table is a reproduction of a classical style of Chinese furniture of the 1800's. This is a reproduction of a classical Chinese Bedside Table. This beautiful piece is made of wood and leather, using old traditional Chinese techniques, features a sturdy wooden frame with a thin layer of leather stretched tightly around the frame, providing a stunning background for the intricate hand-painted vignettes.. Brass fittings adorn the exterior, and elegant handle. Inside the Bedside Table is lined with aged Chinese paper adding to the authenticity and feel of the product.
The front and sides of the Bedside Table are painted with beautiful and traditional Chinese paintings of birds and butterflies flying beyond flowers. In Chinese culture, these represent luck and happiness. The case has been treated to help preserve the paintings and the exterior. It embraces the artistry and craftsmanship of the finest traditional Chinese art.

A single drawer provides convenient storage for smaller items and double doors open to reveal a generous chamber for additional storage.

What's Special?
    • This item is 100% HAND MADE and HAND PAINTED
    • Two Doors, One Drawer, Good for Storage
    • The Front, Top and Sides of the Case are hand painted with golden butterflies and birds flying beyond flowers
    • Inside the case is lined with decorative aged paper featuring Chinese characters, adding to the feel and authenticity of the product.
    • Gold paintings of Flowers and Birds signify Luck and Happiness in Chinese Culture.