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Mirrored Jewellery Box

This category includes a range of Brand New Leather Chinese Jewellery Box wth Mirror, which are reproductions of the classical style of Chinese jewellery boxes of the 1800's.

These beautiful pieces are made of wood and leather, using old traditional Chinese techniques, which was developed 1200-1500 years ago in the Tang Dynasty Era, and reproduced by us today!

The leather is wrapped around the wood and bound tightly so that the skin is smooth and perfectly formed to the piece. Stylish brass fixtures and handles complete the exterior. Inside the boxes are lined with aged Chinese paper filled with characters, adding to the authenticity and feel of the products. A handy Glass Mirror that were used to be made with clear polished brass before Glass mirrors were invented in the lid makes it perfect for cosmetics and jewellery.

In addition, the lids , front and sides of most of boxes are painted with beautiful and traditional Chinese paintings of golden Butterflies, birds flying beyond flowers, or golden dragonflies flying beyond lotus. In Chinese culture, these represent luck and happiness. Also, lacquer had put on to protect the paintings and the whole box.
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