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French Silver Room Divider Screen - Sun Flowers

French Silver Room Divider Screen - Sun Flowers
French Silver Room Divider Screen - Sun Flowers
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Item Name: French Silver Room Divider Screen - Sun Flowers


Each Panel is 40cm (W) x 185cm (H)
Total Screen is 160cm (W) x 185cm (H)

This gorgeous traditionally painted European Styled Coromandel screen pays true testament to hand made craftsmanship.

An intricate pattern is weaved into the Floral Silver screen. It features a embossed and raised finish that simply completes a wonderful piece. Gorgeous gold shines through to produce fantastic highlights on this complex and diverse piece. The coloured tones perfectly complement the piece.

THE REVERSE SIDE features characters , flower, birds, painted on a black background within a simple single line gold border so you can Change the look of your room in minutes! Go from a French / European to an Oriental theme!

It would make a charming centrepiece for a Living Room, Lounge Room or simply an Interior focus piece to complement your existing decor.

What's Special?

* Hand Made and Hand Painted Screen
* 100% Hand Made by skilled craftsmen
* Traditional, Stylish, as well as Historical!
* Reverse side of screen features characters , flower, birds Change your room simply by turning it around!
* High quality screen
* Massive amount of complex detail that leaves cheaper screens for dust.
* It is very practical piece and perfect for interior decoration purposes.

Our collection of hand crafted Coromandel screens / Room Dividers are the perfect blend between artistic expression and functional elegance. All Coromandel screens are hand made by the finest artisans in the Orient using traditional past on from generation to generation screens making techniques. The beauty you will bring in your home with our Coromandel screens / Room Dividers will not only satisfy practical requirements that suit your lifestyle, but will touch your soul on a deeper, more expansive level.