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Antique Chinese Rib Bone Sex Education Set

Antique Chinese Rib Bone Sex Education Set
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Item No: MS-TRIB

Item Name: Antique Chinese Rib Bone Sex Education Set

Dimension : Overall Size - 30 (w) x 1 (d) x 9.5 (h) cm
Each Rib - 3 (w) x 1 (d) x 9.5 (h) cm

Weight: appr 360g

This gorgeous traditional Chinese Wedding Gift is true testament to ancient Chinese craftsmanship.

Completely hand made, this unique object was traditionally given to the Wedding couple on their Honeymoon, as the topic and sex and sex education is still to this day taboo. The creative bone set (made from Cow Rib) shows a variety of positions engaged by a married couple and served to educate the bride and groom rather than any form of verbal communication about the subject.

Measuring 30cm wide, the set is string bound and each side of the ribs are etched in vibrant detail. There are 10 Ribs showing a total of 20 images.

It would make a great Ornament and is a great conversation piece - great for a few laughs. Retail Stores that purchase these from us always have great stories to tell about their client's reactions.

What's Special?

Detailed double sided etchings on Cow Rib
Sex Education tool or great ornament
Historical and Functional item.
It is very practical piece and perfect for interior decoration purposes.