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Vase Tables

Chinese Antique Vase Tables, also called incense stands derive their name from their use of support for flower pots and incense burners. Most Furniture are square or rectangular, but incense stands, because of their function, do made in round and have exaggeratedly curved legs.
Regardless of these round stands  are used indoor or outdoor, they are always placed away from walls and other furniture to be seen from all sides and so  a round form with beautiful flowing lines is more appropriate. While from  the early Qing dynasty,   high tea tables, derived from square and rectangular incense stands, became popular till  these days.


Original Rectangular Brown Tea Table
Item #: 13-063
Original Brown Wood Tea Table
Item #: 10-036
Original Red Vase Table
Item #: 10-016
Original Curved Leg Incense Burner Stand
Item #: 06-024