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Hallway-Console-Altar Table

Chinese table plays an important roles in Chinese homes for they were vessels that contained family, the basic unit of survival and prosperity.  Altar table, the  most common type of tables, with everted ends,  placed in front of a shrine, might hold incense, fruit, flowers, or food.  While those without up raised ends are called Ming Style Table.  They usually recessed waist, and horsehoof legs.
These  fabulous tables, designed entirely to display beautiful objects in wide range.  They might be horsehoof legs, straight legs, solid vertical panels, recessed waist or straight waist or beaded and floating panel made to contract and expand with moisture and temperature changes.


Original Shanxi Wine Table
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Three Drawer Black Long Table
Item #: 13-095
Brown Lacquer Hallway Table
Item #: 01-040F
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