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Cabinets - Small & Medium

Chinese cabinets can be as small as 20cm height miniature or as tall as 3 metres. Our customers use Chinese cabinets for dining room sideboards, living room stereo storage, bookshelves, bedside tables, kitchen cupboards, or even in washrooms.

The Chinese made cabinets that could successfully keep valuable items away from prying eyes and sticky fingers. A wealthy Chinese household put a roof over lots of heads - servants, concubines and relatives. The ideal home was thought to have 5 generations living under one roof. And since it was considered a great insult to put a lock on the door to a room, most of cabinets could be locked, allowed for secure storage.


Brown Medium Display Cabinet
Item #: 06-043
Red Medium Display Cabinet w/Patina
Item #: 38-052
Original Shanxi Cabinet
Item #: 01-015A
Original Red Painted Low Cabinet
Item #: 10-026
Antique Bamboo Bookshelf
Item #: 15-058
Original Dark Brown Display Cabinet/Book Case
Item #: 38-037